Venture Scout Unit

Our Venture Scout Unit in the late 1970's

Venturers, the second lowest membership among the five sectional activities offered by the Hong Kong Scout Association. A lot of very traditional Scouting members put the blame for bad membership on the wrong choice in adopting the executive committee system introduced in England  in 1970.  People argue that the concept is right, but there are two distinctive problems.  First of all, teenagers at the age between 16 and 20 may not yet be capable of running an organization in a purely democratic way, and secondly the executive committee system completely removes the ranking system which children are so used to in Scout troops and Cub Scout packs as a matter of promotion, progress, motivation and self-esteem building.

Other Scouting friends put the blame on the education system in Hong Kong.  As students in the age of 17 to 20 have to take two of the most important examinations of their life, which include the Certificate of Education Examination and the Advanced Level Examination for universities entrance.  The social pressure is so big that many parents would simply use all ways and means to persuade their children to quit Scouting after leaving the Scout troops at the age of 16.

Frankly speaking, the Venture Scout unit has never been very strong in 2nd Hong Kong.  A possible reason is that there are really too many book worms.   As a tradition and a norm, we always have the biggest number of members in the Cub Scout section, and the number simply narrows down up the pyramid.  Most of our present Venture Scout unit members are promoted from our own Scout troop.  We have not had a single outside member for over 10 years now.

Besides the routine Venture Scout activities, we at 2nd Hong Kong are very keen in training up our venturers to take up training as adult leaders.  We believe this is the best way to continue and extend our Scouts' Scouting life.   This is why we have a long tradition of Scouts who stay behind to serve as our adult leaders. By all means, we shall continue our effort towards the Scouting activities, and hopefully, in not too distant future, we can work in a better system for the benefit of the children.


Venture Scout Unit
2nd Hong Kong (Catholic) Group
August 1997


Three of our Venture Scouts attended the Fireman Course organized by Victoria City District in 1999
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