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 Events in 1999:

Christmas Party (20 December 1999) 

Having a "pot-luck" Christmas Party had become our tradition. We invited Cubs and Scouts to prepare some party food at home and bring back during our last meeting before Christmas. We did nothing but games and food. We were also honoured to have a Leader from Venezuela who was visiting Hong Kong to join our party.

(14 November 1999) 

A short hike was organised on a Sunday in November mainly for the 10+ new members who joined us in September. We started at Parkview and finished at Kornhill.

Caritas Bazaar (31 October 1999) 

Our Troop helped at the Caritas Bazaar again this year. We were responsible for a game at the stall of the Catholic Cathedral and we decided to show our pioneering skills with a miniature Roman Catapult. All the preparation work was done by the Scouts themselves. They also looked after the stall during the Bazaar where both the participants and the Scouts enjoyed themselves.

Scout Troop 
(September 1999) 

Photo of our Scout Troop taken at an outdoor meeting in September 1999.

Summer Camp at Hoi Ha Wan 
(31 July - 1 August 1999) 

This was a special camp during which we did not intend to do any "work" but to enjoy ourselves. We chose Hoi Ha Wan because it is the first Marine Park in Hong Kong. Our aim was to enjoy the sun and the beach and we achieved (see photos)!

(27 March 1999) 

The Scout Troop went hiking from Tai O to Tung Chung in late March. This is a coastal route along the northwest of Lantau Island. Tai O is one of the oldest fishing villages and Tung Chung is where the new Hong Kong International Airport is located (opened less than 1 year ago). The journey took about five and a half hours.

Spring Camp 
(6-7 February 1999) 

The Scout Troop held a Spring Camp at Hok Tau in early February 1999. On the first day, the Scouts built their camps and constructed some simple camp gadgets. We had a camp-fire and a treasure hunt at night. On the second day, we had a short hike in Pak Sin Lang in the morning. The afternoon was spent tidying up the camp site.


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