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Events in 2003:

70th Anniversary Holiday Camp
( 25-27 December 2003 )

You might be wondering why we are celebrating our 70th Anniversary when you have read somewhere in this website that our group was formed in 1946 after the WWII. The fact is that our founder, Rev. Brother Mario Colleoni P.I.M.E. (1910-1988), was already a Scout Master of the 16th Hong Kong Group before WWII. The Scout Association of Hong Kong has acknowledged that 2ndHKG is a continuation of the 16th Hong Kong Group when all the Scout Groups in Hong Kong were rearranged after WWII in 1946. Unfortunately, we do not have any history of the 16th Hong Kong Group which was probably lost during the war.
Our 70th Anniversary Camp was originally planned for July 2003, due to the SARS episode, we had postponed the camp to X'mas 2003. It was a 3 days/2 nights camp at Tung Tsz Scout Centre. 80 Ventures, Scouts and Cubs plus almost 20 leaders attended the camp. One of the highlights was the Open Day on Boxing Day (26th Dec), 80 parents and families of our members joined us for this joyous event. Other highlights included campfire, sports and games. Please visit our Photo Album to share our joy of this event.



(7 December 2003)

12 scouts, 2 ventures and 5 leaders enjoyed a day of hiking at the Sai Kung Country Park on a perfect Autumn day. Amongst the 12 scouts, 4 were promoted to the Scout section in November. At one stage of our hike, we hiked up to 400m in just over an hours' time where had our lunch and came back down to 130m in about half an hour. The scouts were given an assignment during the last leg of the hike to identify local plants along the route. Click on the Photo Albumn to see the beautiful scenery of our track.



(15 November 2003)

11 cub scouts were promoted to the Scout Troop on 15 November 2003. It has became a "ritual" that cubs have to undergo a number of obstacles to prove that they are ready to take up the challenges in the Scout Troop.





Caritas Bazzar
(9 November 2003)

The annual Caritas Bazzar was held on the 9 November 2003. As usual, the Scout Troop was responsible for a game at the Catholic Catherderal stall. About 12 Scouts helped out at the stall throughout the day and rasied over HK$1,000.

Carlton Competition -

Victoria City District Selection
(18 - 19 October 2003)

Six members of the Scout Troop entered the Carlton Competition (Victoria City District (VCD) Selection) in mid- October 2003. The team was put together at last minute and we were one member short of the seven member team. The competition is open to all Scout Troops in Hong Kong and is held every two years. There would be District and Regional levels selection before a team is entered into the finals. Each team is tested in a number of events including map reading, pioneering, backwoods cooking, cooking, campcrafts, scout skills in the two day competition.

Eight teams entered the VCD Selection and we came 7th, nevertheless, the team members had a good time (maybe too good!) and the team spirit is greatly enhanced after the competition.

Outdoor Meeting - Victoria City District HQ & Track Signs
(2 August 2003)

The petrol leaders have organised an outdoor meeting for the members on the 2nd day of August. The purpose was to familiarise the members with the VCD HQ and to use track signs.

Visit - Hong Kong Arts Centre
(19 July 2003)

On a hot Saturday afternoon (33C), 16 members from the troop took a break from regular meetings and visited the Hong Kong Arts Centre for a change. There were four exhibitions on that day ranging from drawings from primary school students to travelling photos to multimedia exhibits to abstracts presentation which none of the scouts (including the leaders) understood.




Tai O Study Tour
(16 March 2003)

Tai O is one of the oldest surviving fishing village in Hong Kong. It was reported that Tai O was occupied as early as over 2000 years ago but definitely for at least 1000 years as records shown. At its golden years back in the 1940's and 50's, the population was between 20 to 30 thousands. It was one of the most important salt plains in Southern China. It is named "Venice of the East" because of the wooden houses that were built along side of the river delta. It is now famous for the preserved (salted) sea produces.

Before it is developed into a more modern type tourist attraction (like many other places in Hong Kong), the Scout Troop paid a visit Tai O. Assignments were designed so that they can gain a better understanding of the livelihood at the fishing village. They had to conduct interviews with local residents and shop owners and understand their daily lives at the fishing village. They had to visit temple which are few hundreds years old and understand their histories. During the following week at our meeting, they had to present and share their findings with other scouts.




Camping - Hok Tau Campsite
(8-9 February 2003)

As camping is an integral part of scouting, our troop's first outdoor activity this year was of course, camping! 12 scouts (together with 17 cubs) went to Hok Tau Campsite. After many previous practices with backwood cooking, they have managed to prepare a decent meal out of backwood cooking this time ie each member was properly fed instead of starving after about 1/2 an hour.



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