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Events in 2002:

Winter Camp at Tsuen Kam Campsite
(21-22 December 2002)

26 members of the Troop attended this winter camp which we had a great time. The highlight was the variety show at the evening and the members were given a chance to perform a drama prepared by themselves titled "Today's Youth". A "debate" was also held on the topic "What is Foul Languages?".

Caritas Bazzar
(11 October 2002)

Assisting in the Caritas Bazzar became an annual event in our Troop. This year, we provided two games to assist Catholic Catherdral (our sponsor) in this fund raising event and one of them won the 2nd runner-up of the "Game Stall Design". Our members gain great experience not just by assisting on the day of the Bazzar but also during the preparation of the games.


Visit - Environmental Resources Centre at Wan Chai
(24 August 2002)

We held our meeting at the Environmental Resources Centre (ERC) studying various aspects of environmental protection in Hong Kong. The ERC is a declared monument being one of the oldest post offices in Hong Kong before it became the ERC.


Ourdoor Training at Tai Tam Scout Centre
(17 August 2002)

During the month of August, our meeting place (Catholic Mission Primary School) undergone major renovation works. This gave us a chance to have more outdoor activities which we try to minimise in summer months.We took this chance to organise an event at the obstacle course at Tai Tam Scout Centre. Some of the members were afraid to tried the over 20 foot obstacles but were glad that they did eventually. All who went up the course had a great time and we finish the day off with a sumptuous BBQ at the Centre.


Summer Camp at Wan Tsai Peninsula West Campsite, Sai Kung
(20 - 21 July 2002)

During the hot summer of 2002, the scout troop held a camp at Wan Tsai Campsite in Sai Kung. This was the campsite which held the Millennium Camp by the Scout Association of Hong Kong. The campsite could hold thousands of people although we had only 14 members + 4 leaders. The weather was hot but we were equipped with the necessary equipment eg shelters, sun screen, hats etc. The intentions were for us to have a good time so we did not spent too much time training. Our intention was met, ie we had a really good time despite the hot weather.


Hiking - Po Toi Island
(20 May 2002)

Po Toi Island is the southern most island in Hong Kong and the population is about 5. However, during weekends, hundreds of visitors arrive at this island to admire the undisturbed scenery of this peaceful island. We tried to leave a mark on this island without destroying the beautiful scenery and hence we did it in an unconventional way (see bottom photo on the right). The angle where the picture was taken wasn't brilliant but it was meant to be "2NDHKG".


Service - Anti-suicide campaign
(11 May 2002)

We assisted in distributing leaflets in Central District for an anti-suicide campaign.


Night Track at Hong Kong Trail
(23 - 24 March 2002)

A night track was held along Island Trail for the Patrol Leaders and senior members of the Troop. March 24 is the birthday of our VSL, Ricky. We celebrated his birthday with a "light-weight birthday cake".

Treasure Hunt (Hong Kong Island)
(3 February 2002)

A treasure hunt was held on this fine Sunday in February. Hints were left at various locations in Hong Kong (even on the Internet!) where the members has to use their problem solving abilities to crack various hints to arrive at the subsequent checkpoints. The last leg of the treasure hunt coincided with the cub packs' hiking activity held on the same day. What a "coincidence"!!


Visiting the Elderly in Central & Western District
(26 January 2002)

Our troop members participated in the event organised by the Cathedral on this Saturday afternoon. We were split into groups and visited a number of elderly living alone in the Central & Western District. We brought them some "gifts" (toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, biscuits etc) as it was near the Chinese New Year.


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