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Events in 2001:

Winter Camp at Tai Tan Campsite
(29-30 December 2001)

Camping is one of the most important elements of being a Scout and we could better to have a camp right after Christmas to enjoy ourselves!  20 members attended our camp where we had basic campcraft, backwood cooking, map and compass, camp cook activities.  It was fairly cold (Hong Kong standard) but all of us had a good time.



Training Camp at Hok Tau
(15-16 September 2001)

In preparation of the Calton Competition, our team held a training camp at Hoj Tau Campsite on 15-16 September 2001.  The training involved campcraft, backwood cooking, first-aid, command-tasks training.


Post competition notes: Calton Competition is held every two years for Scout Section (12- 16 years of age).  It is held at District, Region and Territory levels.  Our Group came fourth in the District level competition and hence couldn't get thought to the Regional level :(





Cathedral's Societies Day
(15 July 2001)

We attended the Cathedral's Societies Day where the Venture section prepared a board to introduce our Group. The Scout section assisted in presenting the information on the board.

Summer Camp at Tai Tam Scout Centre
(7 - 8 July 2001)

The Scout Troop had its summer camp this year at Tai Tam Scout Centre. We went there many time but never tried their obstacle course so we thought we will get it a try this time. It was FUN!

Apart from that we brought 4 guitars, a violin and a recorder for a sing song evening coz it was too hot to have a camp fire.





Special Meeting
(5 May 2001)

A special meeting was organised to test the cooking skills of the Scouts. The Scouts had to cook lunch just the way they will do it when they are camping. Part of the activities was to shop at nearby supermarkets. [ The real reasons was because the leaders missed lunch ;) ]


Promotion to Venture Scout Unit
(28 April 2001)

Three members (Lam Pak Yuen, Patrick; Wendy Tang; Chan Kar Ho) from the Scout Troop were promoted to the Venture Unit in April 2001. The Unit has organised some "welcoming" activities for the three new members.

Ricky has also been "promoted" to VSL from CSL on the same day!



Victoria City District 40th Anniversary Camporee
(13-16 April 2001)

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Victoria City District, a camporee was organised at Fung Kai, Sheung Shui between 13 and 16 April 2001. 20 Scouts and 14 Cubs attended the camporee.

Activities during the camporee included opening ceremony, BBQ, hiking, cooking competition, pioneering, camp fire, skills training (knotting, map making, orienteering) and backwoods cooking. Eagle Patrol came Third in the cooking competition and received a gas stove as a prize.



Outdoor Meeting (Compass Bearing)
(17 March 2001)

We had an outdoor meeting at Botanical Gardens to practise our compass bearing knowledge.

Lung Yuek Tau Heritage Trail
(11 February 2001)

Jointly with the Cathedral Youth Association and sponsored by Lord Wilson Heritage Trust, our Troop organised a trip for our Church to visit the Lung Yuek Tau Heritage Trail. On the morning of 11 February 2001, we borrowed a set of exhibition materials from the Antiquities and Monuments Office to show the church goers the history of some of the buildings on the trail.

In the afternoon, 90 people ( 35 Scouts and 65 non-scouts) travelled in 2 coaches to visit the heritage trail. Some of the "walled villages" we visited were over 500 years old. Apart from being a service activity to our church, the Scouts learned about the history of the early people living in Hong Kong.



Tai Lam Nature Trail
(28 January 2001)

On a cold, wet, windy winter morning, 24 Scouts experienced one of coldest days (7.5 degrees C) this year when they went to visit the Tai Lam Nature Trail (10 km). The Trail is designed with 21 points where the hikers can learn more about the nature such as forestry, rare species (eg. Roman Tree Frogs) etc. You can get an exercise book from the AFCD Tai Lam Site Office (or visit here). The Trail starts from Tai Tong in Yuen Long and finishes at Tsing Lung Tau near Shum Cheng.

Although the weather was not favourable, it didn't stop us from having a good time!


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