Cub Scout Pack (B)
Events in 1999:


Summer Camp 
(31 July - 1 August 1999) 

Pack A and Pack B joined together and organized a summer camp attended by nearly 80 Cubs. The camp lasted only 2days/1 night and so the programme was tight in order for the Cubs to enjoy every minute of it. We had camp-light, fancy dress, games and competitions.

Sand Sculpture  
(11 April 1999)  

Pack B went to Tai Long Beach and had great fun with sand sculpture. Our topic this time was 'CHINA'. Cubs needed to build something related to China. Our CSL is proud of them that they all know our Chinese history well.  


Sixers' Camp 
(6-7 February 1999) 

The Sixers of Pack A and Pack B went to a wild camp for the first time in early February where they have to pitch their own tents and cook their own meals.

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