Cub Scout Pack (B)
Events in 1998:


Christmas Party 1998 
(20 December 1998) 

Our Group held a Christmas Party on 20 December 1999. We invited parents of the Cubs and Scouts to attend the party. Over 120 people gathered at a holiday camp in Sheung Shui. We had many games including "Dress the Santa"; a play by our Cub sections and a BBQ for lunch. We did not usually have a lot of activities for the parents and they said we should organize more because they enjoyed spending time with their kids during these kinds of activities.

Island Scout Day 
(29 November 1998) 

Pack A and Pack B were honoured on the Island Scout Day. The Chief Commissioner awarded both Packs with Merits of Excellence.

Halloween Party 
(31 October 1998) 

Pack B had a Halloween Party at their meeting on 31 October 1998. The Cubs had great fun painting their faces for the occasion.

(18 October 1998) 

Pack B went hiking on 18 October 1998 from Quarry Bay to Tai Tam. During the hike, they got assignments or their Nature badge. The weather was very kind to us. It is always the best time for hiking in Hong Kong in October/ November when it is autumn.

Hong Kong Island Region (HKIR) - 
Swimming Gala (4 October 1998) 

10 Cubs, 5 Scouts and 2 Leaders entered the Swimming Gala organized by HKIR for all Scout groups in the Region. 

We got the following results: 


Boys' 50m Backstroke - Bronze 
Boys' 50m Breaststroke - Bronze 
Girls' 50m Breaststroke - Silver 
Girls' 50 m Backstroke - Silver 
Girls' 50 m Backstroke - Bronze 
Girls' 2x50m Freestyle - Bronze 


Boys' 50m Freestyle -  Bronze 
Boys' 2x50m Freestyle - Bronze 


Men's 50m Freestyle - Gold 
Men's 50m Freestyle - Silver 
Men's 50m Breaststroke - Bronze 
Men's 100m Breaststroke - Silver

Victoria City District (VCD) - 
Swimming Gala (20 September 1998) 

Our Cubs did very well in the Swimming Gala organized by our District to prepare for the Swimming Gala of the HKIR. We won a Gold medal in the 4x50m Freestyle relay.

Visit - Police Training School 
(August 1998) 

Pack B visited the Hong Kong Police Training School on a hot summer day in August. They learned about how the cadets are trained and the requirements to become a policeman/woman so that they can work hard to meet these requirements.

Group Camp at Tai Tam Scout Centre 
(18-20 July 1998) 

Our Group went to Tai Tam Scout Centre for our Annual Group Camp. The Cub sections had a variety of activities including practice for Home Service Badge testing for which the Cubs learnt sewing, frying eggs, making their own beds and ironing. 

In the evening, we had a "Stone Age Party" for which we dressed up as stone age people.

Bishop Shield Competition 
(3 May 1998) 

Bishop Shield Competition is held every year for all Catholic Scout groups in Hong Kong. This year we had a "fancy dress competition" for which we had to dress up as bible characters. Also we had hymn singing competition and pioneering projects. 

Our Group was very lucky and came First in both the Cub and Scout sections.

Selling Raffle Tickets at Star Ferry 
(8 February 1998) 

Our Group was selling raffle tickets at the Star Ferry pier on 8 February 1998. The raffle ticket campaign was organized by the Scout Association of Hong Kong. All the proceeds would go in aid of the Scout Movement in Hong Kong. All Groups in Hong Kong were encouraged to take part in selling the raffle tickets and part of the proceeds would go back to the Groups. The first prize this year was a car. Over 80 members turned out throughout the day (in shifts) and we sold almost 3000 tickets.

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