Cub Scout Pack
Events in 2005:

X'mas Camp at Hok Tau Campsite

(24-26 December 2005)

The troop held their Christmas camp at Hok Tau Campsite with 13 scouts attended. The promotion of three members of the scout troop to the venture unit took place during the camp. In addition, 8 sixers from the cub pack joined to have a feel of what they would do when they are promoted to the scout troop.

Hok Tau Campsite is probably one of the busiest campsites in Hong Kong, there were at least 200 people (there were other scout groups too) at Hok Tau Campsite which is about the size of a football field!!



Kim's Game Competition

(27 November 2005)

This was organized by the Victoria City District Council at the Hong Kong Island Regional HQ. The cubs were tested on their 5 senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch). We are not the champion in this competition, but we got 5 among 30.



- Tai Lam Nature Trail
(20 November 2005)

On a beautiful Autumn day, 31 cubs packed their bags with sumptuous lunch boxes for the hike at the Tai Lam Nature Trail. It took about 2 hours to complete the trail.



Halloween Party
(29 October 2005)

What more to say, see for yourself in the pictures. The annual event that has slowly becoming the reason to joining scouting.



Athlete Badge Test
( 4 September 2005 )

The weather wasn't very kind too us, we had thunderstorms and rain most morning and we had to wait for 2 hours before we began. 32 cubs attended the activity and 25 acquired the Athlete Badge.



Group Holiday Camp at PLK Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp
( 27-29 August 2005 )

49 cubs, 14 scouts and 3 ventures attended the Group Holiday Camp at PLK Pak Tam Chung Camp during the last few days of the summer holidays. This was probably the only reason for the cubs and scouts to look forward to the end of the summer holidays! This is the first time we have been to this campsite and it was clean, tidy and spacious for us to conduct activities. Unfortunately, due to low tide, we could not enjoy the various water sports offered by the campsite, which we did most look forwarded to. Everyone was sad when they left the camp because of the fun-packed three days (or was it because they have to return to school?!)



Sixers Camp - Tai Tan, Sai Kung
( 25-26 March 2005 )

12 sixers attend this training camp at Tai Tan during the Easter Holidays. For many of them, it is their experience at pitching tents, cooking their own dinner, doing their dishes (!?), and sleeping the wild.
They have also visited the nearby wetland at their free time.




Visit to Holiday Farm
( 6 March 2005

Holiday Farm is one of the few places in Hong Kong where we urban people can learn more about life at a farm. The cubs went there in March and learnt about the basics of farming (ploughing, milking a cow, making soy milk from stone grind, basics of a water mill etc).



Cubs Investiture
( 26 February 2005 )

After a few months of familiarisation, 31 members were formally invested on 26 Feb 2005 and became official members of 2ndHKG.



VCD Captain's Ball Competition
( 20 February 2005 )

Our pack entered the Captain's Ball Competition organised by the Victoria City District Council and came Third. For those who is not familiar with the term Captain's Ball, it is a modification of netball.




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