Cub Scout Pack
Events in 2004:

X'mas Party
( 18 December 2004 )

The Cub Pack "traditional" X'mas party was held on the 18 December 2004, pot-luck style. They bought back a variety of food including chicken wings, fish balls, salad and chips of course.


Outing at Tai Tam Scout Centre
( 27 November 2004 )

Over 50 Cubs, 20 Scouts, 8 Ventures and 10 leaders spent a lovely Autumn afternoon at Tai Tam Scout Centre on 27 November 2004. The Scout participated in the rope obstacle course and the cubs had their first go at archery. The evening was celebrated with BBQ.


VCD Swimming Gala
( 19 September 2004 )


Group Holiday Camp
Ming Fai Camp - Cheung Chau
( 24-26 July 2004)

Our Group camp was held at Cheung Chau Caritas Ming Fai Camp on 24 - 26 July 2004. Approximately 33 Cubs and 20 Scouts attended this camp. Activities for the Cubs included "potato prints", backwoods cooking (twists), night time treasure hunt. Activities for the Scouts included archery, backwoods cooking (twists; eggs; steak), night time city hunt. On Day 3, both the Cubs and Scouts visited Chan Chun Ha Outdoor Field Centre and learnt about environmental protection; renewable energy; endangered spices; aquatic life in Hong Kong shorelines. Although the weather was a bit hot and humid (typical Hong Kong summer weather), the Cubs and Scouts enjoyed the 3 days / 2 nights camp.



Presentation of Chairman's Cup at VCD AGM
( 19 June 2004 )

Pack A is the winner of this years Chairman's Cup and the award presentation was held at the VCD AGM on 19 June 2004. The competition for the Chairman's Cup was Kim's Games (Sight; Hearing; Smell and Touch). Our Cubs came highest in the Sight event and performed consistently at other events.

In additional, our CSL (Pack A) received her Good Service Award during the AGM.


Chairman Shield
( 23 May 2004 )


Sixers Camp - Tai Tan, Sai Kung
( 9-10 April 2004 )

17 sixers from both packs attended a 2 days / 1 night wild camp during Easter holidays at Tai Tan camp site. This has almost became an annual events where the sixers looked forward to pitching a tent, cooking their own meals and packing their own rucksacks.


Visit - Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works
( 13 March 2004 )

It is a rear occasion for us to visit the place where our wastewater goes (before entering the sea) - the sewage treatment plant. The Drainage Services Department held an Open Day at the Stonecutter Island Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) on the 13 March 2004 where 52 Cubs and 22 Scouts spent an educational Saturday afternoon. Our members visited the facilities and learnt how the wastewater is treated. One would imagine a STP being a not so nice place to visit, surprisingly, the facilities are rather "pleasant" considering its nature.



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