Cub Scout Packs (A) & (B)
Events in 2002:

Athletic Championship - Wong Cheuk Hang Sports Ground
(31 November & 22 December 2002)

Approximately ten of our cubs were qualified to enter the Regional level athletics championship. One of our cubs got a bronze medal in 60m sprint. Each participant on the day were given a campfire blanket and various patterns were formed by the participants (Sorry no photos!)

Football Competition
(24 November 2002)

Victoria City District held a football competition for the cubs section in the District. 7 teams entered the competition of which 2 from our Group (one from Pack A and one from Pack B). Pack B fought hard in four matches and won the competition! Hurray!

See some photos taken during the matches (Our cubs were in green shorts). Note: Photos have been retouched to enhanced the effects.

Pack Holiday at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Cheung Chau
(24 - 26 August 2002)

A 3 days/2 nights camp were organised and over 70 cubs attended this fun-filled summer camp in the last week of August just before school started. To name but a few, activities included basic cooking [fry eggs, hot drinks], talent show, sand sculpting, obstacle course, sewing badges, making beds etc etc. It was the first time for some of the cubs ever to pick up a needle and thread or a frying pan. Needless to say, it is one of the most enjoyable experiences they had in this summer.

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Visit - Central Library
(26 May 2002)
A trip to the Central Library (one of the newest and biggest library in HK) was organised. Over 50 cubs attended. A tour led by staff of the library was organised to show the cubs about the facilities of the library including the latest computer catalogue and the computerised borrowing procedures for checking a book out of the library.
Athletics Day - Wanchai Sports Ground
(28 April 2002)

The District level athletics competition was held in April for qualifying into the Regional level competition to be held in November.

Hiking - Quarry Bay to Tai Tam
(3 February 2002)

Q: What could be better than to stay at home on a fine Winter Sunday?

A: Join the cubs for a hike from Quarry Bay to Tai Tam!

It was a fairly easy hike as the whole route was paved (just as much as the cubs could handle!). It took them about 5 hours including about 1 hour for lunch.


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