Scouting in Hong Kong - 2nd Hong Kong (Catholic) Group

Our Leaders

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Group Scout Leader:
Mr. Patrick PY Lam

Venture Scout Leader:

Mr. Ricky TY Wan
Assistant Venture Scout Leader: Mr. Steve WK Pai steve<at>2ndHKG<dot>org
Scout Leader: Ms. Christine Yeung christine<at>2ndHKG<dot>org
Assistant Scout Leader: Mr. Tom Lau tom<at>2ndHKG<dot>org
Assistant Scout Leader: Mr. Terence Chow terence.chow<at>2ndHKG<dot>org
Assistant Scout Leader: Ms. Yannie Lai yannie<at>2ndHKG<dot>org
Cub Scout Leader:
Ms. Pannie Lai
Assistant Cub Scout Leader: Ms. Candy Mak candy<at>2ndHKG<dot>org
Assistant Cub Scout Leader:
Mr. Osman Leung
Grasshopper Scout Leader: Ms. Bobo Chan chanpoyi83<at>2ndHKG<dot>org
Assistant Grasshopper Scout Leader:    
Group Chairman: Mr. Justin MC Li  
Group Secretary: Mr. Mannix MS Luk  
Group Treasurer: Mr. Patrick WP Li  
Committee Members: Mr. Benny BY To  
  Mr. Terence Yuen  
  Mr. Cheng Hok Kan  

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