Scouting in Hong Kong - 2nd Hong Kong (Catholic) Group

Our History

2nd Hong Kong, experienced Scouters in Hong Kong will immediately know that our Group has a long history. Rev. Brother Mario Colleoni P.I.M.E., established the former 16th Hong Kong Group in the 1930's. After World War Two, Scout groups in Hong Kong were reorganized. 2nd Hong Kong (Catholic) Group was registered with the Scout Association of Hong Kong on 1 September 1946.
Our Leaders at that time consisted of the Scoutmaster from Holland, Assistant Scoutmasters from England and Portugal, and Brother Mario himself from Italy - a mini-European Union had already been established in Hong Kong back then in 1946! As the Catholic Church became localized and so were our Leaders.
2nd Hong Kong is a semi-open group comprising mainly of Catholics and students from Catholic schools. Our Sponsoring Authority is the Catholic Cathedral and our Spiritual Guide has always been the parish priest of the Catholic Cathedral.
Brother Mario, founder of our Group, had dedicated his whole life to the Church and Scouting and was awarded the Bronze Lion Medallion in 1980. Unfortunately, he was seriously ill in mid-1986 and returned to Our Father in 1987 in his home town - Sicily, Italy. Since 1987, Mr. Max Law had become our Group Scout Leader (GSL) until he emigrated to Quebec, Canada in 1993. Mr. Law was also the District Commissioner of Victoria City District. In 1993, Mr. Patrick Li had become our third Group Scout Leader and served for another 22 years, he was retired in 2015. Although our Group is over 80 years old, Mr. Patrick PY Lam (our previous GSL) is only our fourth GSL.
You have probably noticed that the text throughout the pages is yellow and white in colour. This corresponds to the colours of our scarf (yellow on the right and white on the left) and our Group Flag. These colours were chosen because they are the colours of the Pope - the leader of the Catholic Church. They should be gold and silver but cloth in these colours was too expensive and difficult to obtain back in the 1940's.
Our Group has many traditions - most of the Leaders have been members of the Group since they were Cub Scouts or Scouts. It is our intention to carry on this tradition to promote the Scout Movement to our younger generation so that they too can experience the good spirit of Scouting.

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