Gallery - Our Leaders

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From left to right: Our ex-GSL (Mr. Max Law), ex-SL (Mr. Connor Chan), GSL, daughter of Mr. Max Law, ex-CSL (Mrs. Law had been in our Group for forty years) and Mrs. VSL.

From left to right: VSL, GSL and ex-SL.

AGSL (third from left)

Mrs. GSL and CSL (Pack A)

From left to right: AGSL, ADC(Training) Mr. Tam of VIC and CSL( Pack A) receiving his woodbadge.

Our SL & ASL in 1979
.......in 1984
........in 1993
.....in 1998 (on the same dam as in 1979)
.....in 1999 at Ming's wedding
.....in 2000
Note who did all the work already back then in 1979 is still doing all the work now!


Although we are a land base Group, our Leaders enjoy water sports no less than any sea base Group. Amongst our Leaders, we possess two 3-star certificates for canoeing; ten level 2 sailing certificates and a Grade II Master and Engineer Pleasure Vessel Certificate.


From left to right: Janet, Sandy, Janice
Miss Leader Beauty Contest 2000 (just kidding)

From left to right: Kan, Terence, Alex
Mr. Leader Macho Contest 2000 (also kidding)


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