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Chief Scout's Award

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Cheng Chi-kin achieved the Chief Scout's Award and was presented in 2011.


Two members of the Scout Troop completed the Chief Scout's Award in 2001. Formal Presentation of the Chief Scout's Award
by the Chief Scout (Chief Executive of the HKSAR, Mr Tung Chi Wah)  was held in November 2001.

Lam Pak Yuen, Patrick
Lee Chun Yi, Natasha
PL of Tiger Patrol


Scout of the Year

To add to the many awards we received this year, Lee Chun Yi, Natasha was selected as one of the three "Scout of the Year - 2000 " for the Scout Section.


Wood Badge

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Lam Pak-yuen Patrick (Scout Leader) awarded the Wood Badge in 2011


Sandy (Wood Badge - Cub Scout)

Service Awards

Janice, Louis, Patrick, Ricky, Sandy, Justin, Ming
Distinguished Service Award
Patrick (for GSL of 2nd HKG)
Louis (for AGSL of 2nd HKG)

Good Service Award
Janice (for District Scouter for Victoria City District)
Ricky (for CSL of 2nd HKG)
Ming (for ASL of 2nd HKG)
Justin (for SL of 2nd HKG)

Good Service Award
Candy (for CSL_B of 2nd HKG)


Louis (AGSL) received Distinguished Service Medal and
Mr. Simon Nim-Chi Tang, District Commissioner of Homantin District (old boy of 2ndHKG)
received Bronze Lion at the Scout Rally 2007.

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