70th Anniversary Holiday Camp
at Tung Tsz Scout Centre

( 25-27 December 2003 )

You might be wondering why we are celebrating our 70th Anniversary when you have read somewhere in this website that our group was formed in 1946 after the WWII. The fact is that our founder, Rev. Brother Mario Colleoni P.I.M.E. (1910-1988), was already a Scout Master of the 16th Hong Kong Group before WWII. The Scout Association of Hong Kong has acknowledged that 2ndHKG is a continuation of the 16th Hong Kong Group when all the Scout Groups in Hong Kong were rearranged after WWII in 1946. Unfortunately, we do not have any history of the 16th Hong Kong Group which was probably lost during the war.

Our 70th Anniversary Camp was originally planned for July 2003, due to the SARS episode, we had postponed the camp to X'mas 2003. It was a 3 days/2 nights camp at Tung Tsz Scout Centre. 80 Ventures, Scouts and Cubs plus almost 20 leaders attended the camp. One of the highlights was the Open Day on Boxing Day (26th Dec), 80 parents and families of our members joined us for this joyous event. Other highlights included campfire, sports and games.

Demostration campsite - A demonstration campsite was constructed for our visitors on the Open Day. As most parents do not have much idea about camping, the campsite gave a taste of what their children do at wild camping.

X'mas decoration - In the sprit of X'mas, a "room decoration competition" was held
and our visitors and leaders each got a vote to decide the best decorated room.
See how keen the boys and girls were to get a vote!

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Games (Part I) - During the afternoon of the Open Day, our visitors are teamed up with the scouts (altogether there were 10 teams of 16 people each) and participated in 6 games. Comments from our visitors included "Great fun!" "Haven't do so much exercise for a long time!"
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Games (Part II) - More games.
Part 4 of 9

People - People, more people, groups of people. Including Flag raising ceremony and Group Photos.
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Canteen - found out what's happening in the canteen
(including a birthday party for one of the scouts whose b'day happens to be on X'mas day).

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Campfire - It's not very often that we get a real campfire due to the limited
places in HK where we could hold a real campfire.
Morning exercise - Starting off the day with a group morning exercise is the
best way to prepare for a busy day.
Command task game - the scout troop was asked to boil water using a paper bag.
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Balloons - You will be amazed how much fun we could get out of ballons and trash bags.
Part I, the scouts were asked to filled the ballons as large as possible without using the tap.
Part II, using trash bags to play volleyball.
( Don't worry, we didn't use the balloons from Part I for the volleyball! )
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Sports - see future Premium League Soccer and NBA players in action.
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